What is the lead time?

The lead time depends on the type and destination of the cart, these are individual determinations.

What are the transport options?

Transport is done on a trailer – not a problem many times have been transported over long distances (Poznan, Gdansk, etc.)

How is the car protected against burglary?

Two locks are fitted to the front door, plus a padlocked bar on the outside. The hatch is locked from the inside with three bolts. Extremely well protected against burglary and theft.

What is the thickness of the cart side and what does it consist of?

Thickness of the side of the wagon is about 70mm, consists (from the outside) of 28mm thick board, thermal insulation foamed polystyrene 30mm, and 5mm lacquered fiberboard. Top of the wagon is additionally covered with galvanized sheet, which is covered with a tarpaulin.

How is the truck protected from bad weather, low, high temperature?

The layered construction of the cart (described above) provides adequate protection against changing weather conditions. This is evidenced by the fact that they have been operating for several years (the oldest cart has been operating as a small catering outlet for 10 years) regardless of the season.

What equipment comes standard?

Standard equipment includes shelves, counter, internal electrical installation. Any other adaptations are subject to arrangements with the customer.

How are electricity, water, drainage connected?

The connection is made to the internal installations, which are made depending on the purpose of the vehicle (e.g. commercial vehicle for catering has an internal electrical installation, water and drainage).

It appears from the listing that a wide variety of products are sold in the carts; are all the carts the same?

Each of them was made and adapted to the commercial functions it performs and what are the requirements of e.g. SANEPID and according to the wishes of the customer.

Can I count on a discount if I order more carts?

We invite you to negotiate.