Wóz Handlowy (Trading Carriage)

– functional stylization of trading carriage used in XXVII century; known as “Kolebka Polska”.



Transport of goods and consignments on a route: Kijów – Lwów – Kraków – Norymberga – Odessa – Kijów – Lwów – Warszawa – Toruń – Gdańsk.

Special features:

Vehicle is stable, heavy also for military uses (transport of supply “War Carriage”) and “Mail Carriage” (Route of carriage post: Lwów – Kraków – Bielsko Biała).


Object can be used for stational sale in tourist attractive places as a:

– Mean of unconventional advertisement.

– Gastronomy point.

– Beer selling point.

– Keepsakes shop etc.


– It is different from traditional shops.

– Easy to transport to the places of creation of demand. (Near the roads, camp sites, holiday camps, horse-ridding routes, sightseeing paths, waterside, historical objects).

– Durable.

– Weather-resistant.

– For many seasons.

– Made of ekological materials, which are friendly to man and eatables.

Special features:

– product has the opinion of Provincial Conservationist of Monuments in Przemysl (Wojewódzki Konserwator Zabytków w Przemysl) written on 04.06.1993.

– product is protected by Polish Patent Office (Urzad Patentowy RP), Nr W 9792 named “Wóz Handlowy”.


– twice exhibited on international fair POLAGRA ´ 93 and ´ 94 (one specimen) as a stand of Jaroslaw Meat Works (Jarosławsie Zakłady Mięsne) now Sokołów SA.

– stational stand selling eatables on the ‘Small Market’ in Przeworsk (600-year-old town in podkarpackie voivodship) from 1993 r.

– Keepsakes shop “CEPELIA” at Jarosław Market (620-year-old town in podkarpackie voivodship) from july 1995r.

– mobile gastronomy stand

– ‘Konwój Country 95’ (Polish country festival) august 1995 (one specimen).

– mobile stand selling music records at Jaroslaw market from january 1996.

– stational gastronomy and beer selling stand

– Jarosław Market (from july 1996).

– stational ice-cream stand at Jarosław Market from 1997.

– stational ice-cream stand at Przemysl Market, from 1997. (800-year-old town in podkarpackie voivodship).

– stational confection stand in Gdańsk, from 2003.


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